the Glove project

the Glove project

“Dear Spring Semester Foundry Class,

As you know, teaching foundry is very important to me. Students, staff and faculty come together in a magical and collaborative process to make each other’s art together. We sweat and labor together to create.

I am continuing a tradition of a memorial glove for each spring class I have taught. As you may or may not know, I have an art practice that embraces reuse of materials. We often throw away gloves in the foundry that are damaged because they are dangerous to continue using as safety apparel. With this project, there is new use. Metal is a heavy memorial object, but leather is not. It is marked by the use and experiences of the wearer and intimately tied to the process. Enclosed with this letter is a piece of a single foundry glove. You each have a piece of the same glove. You may receive more pieces of other gloves because I hope to continue with this tradition.

As I age and grow with my children, I realize how important my students have been to me. Unlike my children by blood, I only have a short time with my foundry students. I miss you all… in different ways. But I am always honored to have worked with you.

With profound respect,
Gabe Akagawa”