Foundry Tree

This photographic project strives to document the “family tree” relationships of contemporary artists working with cast iron. Each iron casting artist is photographed individually, many wearing their full leathers, with helmet in hand. They are connected to their teachers and/or students in order to draw connections between them. These images are cataloged in a database at
Teddy here is in the heroic contrapposto stance for some Foundry Tree participants.

This process began April 1-4, 2009 at the National Conference on Cast Iron Art at SLOSS Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. I have cataloged over 700 people thus far. I am still uploading and updating images and information. If you know of a locale interested in hosting this exhibition or of an iron pour to have members documented, please contact me at
The independent website further develops connections as the images of the capturing process, the images themselves, and as a contact and personal information are posted so students and artists can contact each other. I collect e-mail addresses so the website and the individual’s higher resolution image can be e-mailed to participants. If the artists agree, their e-mail address or other contact information is posted on the site for correspondence.