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Akagawa Projects

  • The Foundry Tree project documents the “family tree” lineage of contemporary artists working with cast iron. It was Initiated at the first National conference on Cast Iron Art at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. 250 artists are currently posted.
  • Cast Shadows is an art exhibition of works selected by artist/curator Gabriel Akagawa and co-curator Andy Denton from the Eastern Carolina University community of art students and alumni. These works will address remnants relating to the fleeting event that is an iron pour.
  • artists’ readings is an evolving database for literature and resources for artists, educators and students of art. These essential readings of books, articles and websites are both canonical as well as specific to fields of practice.
  • Rennovated Dreams and the Red River blog will document a future community project collaborations with Jung A Woo in Chicagoland.
  • Happy Accident Sculpture Studio is Gabriel Akagawa and Dan Matheson’s art studio. It is physically hosted by Butler Street Foundry in Bridegeport, Chicago.
  • I am currently working with Butler Street Foundry on various Art/Industry initiatives like connections with Big Picture.
  • Unpacked/Offset is a Wikisite that documents Gabriel Akagawa’s Offset Exhibition at Northern Illinois University from March 25 through May 10, 2008. Crate Space is an interactive web log for Artists and Art Students of that community to collaborate on the Crate Project, which was generative to Unpacked/Offset.
  • Tree Stories is a web log that collects narratives and images of peoples personal experiences with trees.
  • Faketure is an web log that documents the Faketure Exhibition at Macalester College in 2005. It also collects narratives and images of peoples personal experiences with Faketure or artificial nature.
  • Ballution is an web log that documents Arist-in-Residency environmental art work at Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art in 2006.
  • Health and House is a web log that documents Gabriel Akagawa’s and Anne Knafl’s changing relationship to our health by becoming recent home owners.

Curatorial Projects