Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon
Gabriel Akagawa
This dragon, or caterpillar, style kite is made from paper discs cut from Victoria’s Secret catalogs. For many years my wife and I have received Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalogues in the mail. We would call the company to discontinue the mailing, but they would not stop arriving at our house. The persistence of the company to market their products was unmatched by any other “junk-mailings” we received. I started to collect the magazines feeling I needed to repurpose them. In 2004, I read about the “Victoria’s Dirty Secret Campaign,” which noted that the Magazine distributed 10 million copies daily world-wide, most produced from virgin paper pulp. The magazine eventually used more recycled content and the campaign turned their attention to other junk mail issues.
I continued to collect the magazines to one day give them a new form. In response to the Sexier art exhibition and event, I decided that the time for these semi-pornographic magazines should take form. The content has always been mocked as magazines more for men than for the women who purchase the lingerie. The models poses and gazes reflect this opinion. Sex sells, but Vicoria’s Secret is also selling products mostly produced in Asia (as well as Africa and Mexico), while modeled by women who do not appear to be racially Asian or Middle Eastern or Hispanic.
This kite puts these floating images for our consumption into view, floating in the air above our heads, a mystical creature that lures us into its sexy gaze with its sexy flesh, satin, bosoms, lips and lace. It is hung from the ceiling and is currently 60 feet in length.