Pillar Project

Pillar Projectpillars.jpg
Gabriel Bizen Akagawa

The pillar is an iconic architectural form based in strength, repetition, and the human form.
In the Pillar Project,
I am creating concrete columnar pillars as alternatives and playful seating and tables in public and private spaces.
These forms are cast concrete that use unrecyclable materials, such as spent sandblasting medium, pane glass as aggregates, and lightweight filler materials like Styrofoam.
A later configuration included a wooden beam to create the Strata Bench.

Two stool configuration by intern Brent Garbowski

Table and stool at Butler Street Foundry
Table and stool. Print transfer from used plastic grocery bags.

This modular indoor/outdoor stool and table made from cast-concrete and pulverized
unrecyclable materials. The central allow for pouring a concrete spine into the prefabricated disc components, allowing for the creation of a more
permanent installation. Once placed freestanding or around a post such as a decapitated parking meter (prevalent in Chicago with digital meter

Possible Stool dimensions 12” diameter by 30” tall
Possible Table dimensions 22” diameter by 36” tall

Pillar Project Pamphlet.pdf
This project was created at Happy Accident Sculpture Studio at Butler Street Foundry
with the assistance of intern Brent Garbowski and first exhibited with Junktional at the 6th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago, IL.

6th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago, IL
6th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago, IL
6th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago, IL

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