Stasis: suspending matter and meaning Stasis_e.jpg
The processes of life involve periods of stasis, a duration of time when little to no evolutionary change occurs. Western industrialization, and areas of the world influenced by it, has progressed very quickly with too little reflection. In doing so, humanity has created self-destructive situations in evolutionary progress. Environmental decay, industries failing, and housing crises are but a few current by-products of progress without holistic thinking. Combined with another meaning of stasis, “a state of static balance or equilibrium,” (Merriam-Webster dictionary) this exhibition, entitled Stasis, suggests that the physical suspension of objects in space and time, places meaning into question. It provides a quiet moment to see meaning by halting movement. The installation includes benches, meant to offer viewers moments of stillness, during which they may analyze the moment, situation or self. The reoccurring water motif is an access point for the viewer to consider it as a material and substance that defines humanity and history through its use and manifestation. The canoe is preserved like food in aluminum foil. River water is captured and looped on video. The benches hold the viewer in place and are themselves made of wood and concrete, materials that required fluid water to create their form. The objects and materials come from Akagawa’s home. He uses components of his life in Chicago and elements from the restoration of his 100-year-old home. The reformatting of these forms into the gallery acts as a static translation, as well as the preservation of memory for the artist.

The images below document elements of the solo exhibition by Gabriel Akagawa called Stasis: suspending matter and meaning at the Korean Cultural Caneter of Chicago opening 3-6pm July 16th, 2011.


“foil canoe” and “tar tools”

“tar tools”

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“Strata Bench” and “denim drops”
“Strata Bench”

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“Strata Bench” and “denim drops”
“denim drops”
“Tar Chair”

“Tar Chair”

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“mine shaft”

“mine shaft” detail
“mine shaft” detail

“pvc smoke”